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Really loved the first versions of this game, played lots of hours,  but now it keeps getting worse and worse with each update. There are too many items and too many possible strategies, which makes the game too requiring attention and time for experimenting with mechanics and it looks like the author is not going to stop further inflating and sees the future in infinite pumping of game content making the possible count of strategies much higher than the player's brain could contain. Thanks for the first versions, loved them, and now it's time to find something fresh to play


   More items and more strategies is a good thing??? It would get super boring if you had to do the same strategy every time.  It's great that the devs have been constantly updating the game by adding and balancing items. (and more skins! :) )
   The more recent addition of the item list definitely makes the "too many items to keep track of" issue manageable. It's great to have a game that has a "wiki" built in.

   They seem pretty passionate about this game and it has been great to see it grow since I first played it on release. :)

   That being said; there will probably be a point where there are too many items in the pool, so it would be hard to go a certain strategy because you may never see the items you need. Maybe at that point they can implement some sort of "remove item from pool" function or maybe "decks/subclasses" where you can choose what items show up for you. I know they already have certain items per class, but there may need to be something to help lessen the item pool further if more items are added. 

Why am I not good at the Witch :'(

witch is hard

let us connect steam with broser and the download.

pls... :)

Hi, on a low-spec computer I get a WebGL error which causes many items to not load. This is because for WebGL 1.0, the image sizes need to be powers of 2. I would appreciate if you could fix this :)

Is there any way I can transfer my progress from one computer to another?

don't think so


log in with the same account?

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also got a win with triple claws of attack and spike+empower build


Wow full release is in 16 days, if only we knew if there ever will be mobile support of any kind


Every Item Teaser in the Trailer c:

how did you program this game??


I hope there is an Android version at some point

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How can I rotate items in browser game? I lost so much games just because I couldn't  rotate it

Right mouse click

or press r

e/r keys

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scroll-wheel on mouse works as well (while holding left-click)


Another great run. 4 Uniques

YES finally got a rainbow goobert omegaooze primeslime build

Finally got a federation long verdict drug loop original build

Finally got my w-4 tax withholding forms in the mail


One of my best runs


Make for mac!


please make a Mac version


I love this game so much I've been showing all my friends and any game I've tried that is like this just isn't the same not only do I love the game mechanics the art and the shop owner are so amazing and I enjoy playing this whenever I can!!!!


Help! Most objects and bags are just black squares except for coal an lamp lol


just got turn 3 present


add game to macOs so i dont have to play on browser!!

please and thank you :)


Really excellent gameplay loop.  You could have a hit on your hands for sure.  However there are many instances where the inventory of others I see just don't make sense. 
I bring this up out of respect and the feedback is meant to be constructive.
Are people duping in this game? Is there a way to refresh the store without paying? Are you collecting data for the inventory presented and purchase patterns for players? 


if you see someone with a lot of one item, that comes from pure luck, if someone has a lot of items stage on, they got a few lucky sales (50% off). even though some of this game is luck it also has some skill involved, learn what items go well with each other, see what is easy to start or build into. If you are worried about winning the first few rounds, a good start as the hunter is two wooden swords with a whetstone increasing both swords' damage. :)

40 damage rapier


really would love an unlimited tho

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Ultra Hammer!

100% Accuracy! 

100% Chance of Stun every 0.81 Seconds!
Stun creates 6 Poison every 0.81 Seconds!
50% chance to steal buff every 0.81 Seconds!
Insane chained damage with 3 daggers every 0.81 Seconds!

15 Life Steal every 0.81 Seconds! (Plus dagger life steal)

Makes Thor jealous.

Dude, I was like, I have to try this

And here they are 


This probably isnt in scope for, but when it goes on steam PRIVATE GAMES PLEASE

Heyho, sadly progress doesn't save in html version? Even after i log in. Love the game :)

Backpack Battles is down right now. There is "Couldn't load project data at path "." error for few days.

Kinda, my screen is just almost black as i dont see furcifer and he just black also the items

backpack hero but mmo pvp


an endless mode would be nice

Great game! PLEASE add something to let players shift their entire backpack set up if they have a row free <3


Arrow keys.

TYSM!! I've been struggling for so long T-T lol

Deberia agregarse la plataforma de android, y agregar algunos crafteos extras con la espada

I LOVE this game. It's tons of fun and the competitive hands-free aspect is fresh. Getting critical hits and being critted adds an element of randomness that can flip a game. For those curious, YES, there is a rank above platinum: diamond rank. I grinded a week in plat to get to diamond. It's purely coincidental it's rank 1/100.


won survival with 4 lives using a jinjerbread jerry crossblade build


I dont think the Present is supposed to give Ranger items to Reaper


Is it possible to log in in pc version and have my progress from web browser?

Game is pretty balance at the moment, only thing standing out is the crit ring of ranger, almost every build plays luck and the ring to get 100% crit chance, doesnt matter what weapons or other items you use, seems broken.

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Requires good rng with weapons/recipes to actually reach any level of broken, I've had more issues with the Reaper having seemingly endless regen and shield potential on the 1st or 2nd round onward, and can't figure out HOW, they never seem to have any healing items beyond that mushroom thing.

Was it that reaper item that lets your poison use vampirism?

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Unsure, yet to actually play as the Reaper, but just looking at the mushroom, it's the base item that comes in their pack, and nothing in the description seems to imply anything regarding massive recovery capability. Though, if that's the case, that's a broken item to have popping right at round 1. xD

check the ability of the bag itself


Okay, so basically, if you luck out and get the right item, you can build for poison and vampirism from the start. Noted.

From 1 to 10 would you rate the left backpack as broken?

Looks more like some insane RNG, that's a well thought-out pack. 0.o

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Please i just need one thing is make the full sreen by default because my game's window pop out side of my display
PS: my resolution is 1366x768


Can't believe they still haven't nerfed bloodthorne.

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