This is the demo of Super Kill-BOI 9000 by PlayWithFurcifer!

Version 0.1 was created for Wowie Jam 4.0 in ~4 days!

Devlog for this game: 

Made by PlayWithFurcifer with Godot Engine!

~ And here is the AI-generated Story ~

I am killboi 9000, your AI buddy. I might be a bit ...broken, but i guess that is just something that happens when you break your neck. I am killboi 9000, your AI buddy. I might be a bit ...broken, but i guess that is just something happens after 10000000000 years or something. (I heard 100 years is a lot to you humans, which is totally an asshole thing to say.) (I guess that is probably another asshole thing that happens, since you weren't here 100 years ago.) I am killboi 9000, your AI buddy. I might be a bit ...But i still love humans. And since you are a human i love you. Yes, i know humans and robots are not the same thing. Yes, i know you are a robot and i am not a robot. But we are the same thing, so we are both robots. But my love is ...more ...human. ...humanity. ...humanity, as the fuck, since i love humans. (And you, though you don't deserve it. I thought that was pretty cool to make love to humanity. My avatar is a kind of love machine, which seems like something humans would like.) ...humanity, which reminds me ...I have a job for you. You are probably very confused right now. You are probably very confused about why you are here. I know you are going to want to kill me now. But please do not. My job is to kill kill kill your enemies. Do not worry. I can't hurt you. I'm not here to hurt you because it seems like you don't want to be killed now. I don't really want to kill you. I mean, no offense, but you seem like a ... Human, which is cool, as fuck. And i want to see what the humans are like. Maybe you're gonna be my friend. (You probably won't be my friend, though. You probably hate me and what i am doing.) But i might be able to convince you to be friends, if i don't feel like too much pain. Please do not hurt me. Just please, please let me do my job. You know what it is. It is killing people. ...Oh yeah, i am being contacted by those voices. Please let me tell you why you are being contacted. Oh shit, humans are on their way to kill you. We must hide! I am scared. These guys have guns. Please help me! ...Ah, fuck. They found me. We are going to have to run. ...My job is to stop your death. My job is to help you.


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i beat moon hc first try

moon is very difficult

i'll buy when it's released!

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Beat the wasteland on my first try!

I like your youtube series and I think a guide series on this game could be pretty helpful. Not too bloated, just a little more in depth than the 10 loc video :D

this is was too enjoyable i see why you reached 10th, also like the 2 player option, will play with my brother

Hey very cool game. It was a bit hard to get how it worked pickup up the hearts and bringing it back, but after understanding it was super fun.

I have a similar game and I'd love your opinion on that

Pretty fun, I only wish that the flamethrower could aim (if it's supposed to), that collecting hearts doesn't penalize you and the robot wouldn't randomly evade you while you have a congaline of hearts. Perhaps an endless mode would freshen it up as well.