This is the demo of Furcifer's Fungeon developed by PlayWithFurcifer with Godot Engine. Current version: 0.6.1

Open options with escape/O. Best played in fullscreen.

Changelog 0.6.1:

New Features:

  • “Block” now works based on block tokens that are generated by your shield. All shields and block chance talents are changed to account for this!
  • Added “Dodge on Hit” chance behaving similarly to the old block, but triggering “On Dodge” effects
  • Rotated out Faraday’s Chainmail, Helmholtz Helm and Zeus’ Thunderpants
  • Rotated in Grand Lich’s Kneecap, Grand Lich’s Skull, Grand Lich’s Bone Feet and Grand Lich’s Soul!


  • Wands
    • Impractically Large Greatsword now contests enemy projectiles
    • Improved Ball Lightning handling
  • Talents
    • Samael’s Final Form: Increased AOE and Damage (100 -> 120)


  • Fixed enemies being able to survive out of screen
  • Fixed ice blocks sometimes not spawning the the enemy was oneshot
  • Sparkies now face in the correct direction
  • Fixed a translation issue with “Fire”

Visuals & other changes:

  • Dash indicator is now under the player character’s feet
  • Improved talent layouting
  • Remade Firemaw & Icemaw VFX
  • Performance Optimisations
  • Unified many fonts
  • Ball Lightning now has screen shake
  • Iceblocks now flash when kicked
  • Added 0.33x resolution scaling

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Please leave your feedback on our discord server - bugs, balancing, anything about your experience - thank you <3 Updates will be announced there as well.

Hope you like the game!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(116 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Fantasy, Godot, Pixel Art, Roguelite
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Version 0.6.1c

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i had fun.  thanks

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why the heck is all my progress gone??!!


bad news...

aw man


First of all - LOVE the game, extremely addicted. 10/10

Is anyone else having a bug where, if you pause and tab out or click another window and then click back, certain directional keys are frozen? I click around and pause/unpause/full-screen/unfull-screen and eventually it sorts itself out, but it's so frustrating! I'm playing in browser so maybe that's the issue - just curious if I'm the only one experiencing this. Literally my only complaint with the game - otherwise it's awesome.


Love the game. Already addicted. Will buy the day it drops (assuming its not $80). Few things tho:

1) I'd really love a way to save during runs so I can play during breaks at work. 

2) I'd also love an over arching story arc.

3) he cat's dialogue boxes can (and will) cover important stuff. both on the menu and during runs. However the menu one is the most annoying.

4) The flames from being a dirty little filthy nasty thief also cover WAY too much of the screen. If they were smaller or were there for a lot less time, that'd be great.

5) when hovering over "other stats" in the in run menu, I cant check the meanings of the various stats as the window disappears when not hovering the other stats button. There is a similar bug (or feature) in the menu when trying to read already equipt weapons, but this can be circumvented by just checking them on the wardrobe at the bottom.

6) I dont know if I just havent noticed it, but for the talent that revives you after taking a fatal blow, i dont see an indicator telling me whether or not its up.

7) I'd appreciate a dial (or the option of a couple dials) maybe in the right hand corner that tells me how long runes I have left on the various runes and active talents

Fantastic game.


The itch CDN is shutting down, and itch is migrating to a new CDN that requires using a new domain. This is going to invalidate save data for all HTML games.

Would you consider adding saved-game export and import, please?


I love how you have all these different magic wands and then there's just... a gun. I CAST 9MM!

(Also Britta turns it into a lag machine

great demo couldn't bring myself to stop playing

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Finally! All (non-demo) talents have been picked! Now to focus on demonics. Nothing new since last time, except that I got demonic Dragon Claws. 15/23 demonics! (I got 100% monsters long ago, not like it's difficult or anything)

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On my quest to 100% the game, somehow made it to the forest of NOOOOO. Was doing a Wilhelm tun and had just got Azrael's Final Form for the first time. All that's left to do on my 100%ing checklist:

Get Samael's Final Form

Get demonics for:

Steel Blade

Ruby Shield

Dragon Claws

Icicle Spear

Expanding Crystal

Cooling Gloves

Cleansing Amulet

Grand Lich's Rib Cage

Grand Lich's Hands


Also, a few things I noticed:

Why does the demonic for Thor's Hammer say Thor's Demonic Hammer, when (for example) the demonic for Ampere's Gauntlets says Demonic Ampere's Gauntlets? Not sure if this shows up anywhere else, just an inconsistency I noticed.

Also, there's a grammar mistake in the description for floaties. It should either say "have drowned" or just "drown" instead of "drowned" at the very end.

Just came here from backpack battles and I have to say you are amazing at making Enjoyable and Addictive games. Seriously I think you could make literally any type of game, slap Furcifer's face on it and it would be one of the most fun games I've played. The art style for both this and backpack battles is good too, even when a million things are happing in a run it doesn't hurt my head to look at and it's fairly easy to follow.

TLDR: Your games are Super Fun and I love them.

can fire be spawned consistently? or are they random, I haven't played in a while and cannot find them

after about 3 runs going through the dungeon twice in each

I'd hope that the Trojan my antivirus picks up in the zip file is just a false positive...


Yes, it is...

...but can I be trusted?

the game is reaaaaally great


There is a bug: the boss (one of those queen wasps) is underneath the screen and i can't hit it, not it will come in the screen, so i'm stuck


I had the same issue with a queen wasp getting stuck underneath the screen.

I enjoyed this a lot! The content is so abundant!


Mach stivk is kinda op... i got to level 15 just by spaming the sepicial BEAM OF HELL!! and got alot of gol

AMAZING GAME!!! the best 2D rougelike game i have ever played the music, gameplay and many more are amazing!!! even the demo is amazing! i hope the game will keep on growing and keep on getting updates.

Furcifer continue the good work

Does item quality affect trinkets, equipment, or both?



YO IT'S ME FROM EARLIER I JUST BEAT DARK FIRE HOLY COW THAT FIGHT WAS SO DIFFICULT YET SO AMAZING AT THE SAME TIME(use that shiled that spawns skeletons when block or taking damage it will help alot)

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All you really need is gungeon gun and decent dashing skill. Hp is also nice.

Ofc there are many, many other ways to complete the fight, this is just how I usually do it.


There's a bug where it doesn't show how many times you've killed dark fire.

Also: finally got just stats and all 3 demonic boots! No idea how I got just stats tho, said slash wasn't an option even tho I didn't have it and had well over 150 contact dmg. Is there an enemy or effect that decreases contact dmg temporarily?

Now all I have to do is get every demonic item... 

(I have 7/23)

Also turns out powerups (at least the main three) are additive, not multiplicative.

And lastly (yes, I know I talk too much but I think I have lots of interesting things to say), a fun fact! 31 of the 113 talents are dual-types! The most common type in a dual-type was neutral, in 17 of those 31 dual types! The most common dual-type was neutral-fire, with 6 occurrences! I was going to find the most common dual-type that does not contain neutral, but a bunch were tied with 2. 6 of the 11 epic talents are dual-types!

And actually lastly (I lied last time), there are 5 quest talents, 2 of which are dual-types.

If anyone realizes I've made a mistake, tell me! (Or don't if you want me to stop commenting lol)

btw scyth+skeleton talent(s)+burnie= LITERALL NOISY GOD

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this game is literally the best action 2D exists. i can't wait for the game to release on steam. the graphics are amazing. the soundtrack is amazing.

the gameplay is from another world. 100000000000/10

Thank you soo much! Working hard on it. I'm passing the praise to our composer :)

Probably one of the best itchio games I've ever played, love the constant updates and just how fun and indepth the game is!

Thank you so much Chaos! :)

Dang, didn't expect the man himself to respond

After seeing the title card I thought Id try the game out for a bit and was blown away at how much depth and detail is packed in. I had a great time powering through each playthrough while learning more as I went along. Just finished the 3rd playthrough pulling off my highest level of 32 using the Wilhelm of Fluff. It might not be for everyone but I love the rogue gameplay, skills, items, upgrades and different characters! Furcifer as a character grew on me and was more helpful then I realized too! As someone who loves games with depth and replay-ability, I can't recommend it enough!

Thank you so much! Really means a lot. We are working hard on the full release! :)

I have been putting hours in on this and its only the demo 🥹 Im having a blast

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Lol I've made 13 out of the last 15 comments (14 out of 16 counting this one). Just noticed. Probably not gonna stop lol.

UPDATE: did just delete one tho.

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I got 3 legendaries from one chest... Even with Santa Claws I'm probably going to die from Furcifer's mood, but still no regrets.

Also... lighting shrooms can teleport when sleeping.

Love this game, got hooked on it and been playing ever since, keep up the good work!

I actually managed to survive the elite forest of death. How? A little thing I call NEVER STOP MOVING. EVER.

that is a quite effectivve strat lol

also autoclicker + the flame from the boss = op

To shoot a bunch of tiny things? Ooh, good idea. I've mostly been using a slight bug exploit to constantly attack, but for that spell it would go through the full charge up before firing, so your way is probably better. Would likely generate a bunch of lag tho.

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Wow, it's a freaking machine gun (even more so than the gungeon gun) of lag.

Also: I got just one thing to say:

Thermite: Burn stacks.

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Just want to point out that the elemental res indicator is a bit confusing... It says vulnerability but has a shield icon... I mean just make it a bit more user friendly. Change vulnerability to... I don't know... something else, and add a key. From what I worked out, sword=takes more dmg and shield=takes less?

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At last! Monster-based elemental res!

The game just keeps getting better and better, I'm so glad I found this!

Def one of my faves, right up there with Die in the Dungeon and Backpack Hero.

Except that you force us to choose items. Early on they're kinda bad. Plus the "don't take one" dialogue was pretty funny. I'm waiting for someone to find a bug exploit to get around this.

But seriously, great game!

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A nice solution would be to make Furcifer get angry if you don't pick an item, or maybe force you to pick an item if you pray (this way no item=no heal). Not sure what would work best.

Oh good, you don't have to choose one anymore (again).


For some reason it won't let me submit my scores on the leaderboard, is there some kind of button I press on the game over page?

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Speedy Forest of THE END, lucky me...

I mean look at those shrooms go! I can only imagine what this would be like with *1.5 enemy speed from Furcifer...

Ah well goodbye level 35 Wilhelm, it was fun while it lasted...

113 int and 40ish block, then got mage armor...

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Here are the floor mods I have discovered so far. There seem to be a couple of different types, I assume one group is major and one group is minor:


Group 1 (major I think):

Speedy: Probably increased enemy move speed, though it might also increase the speed of other things.

Dangerous: Not entirely sure what this does, I assume increased enemy damage.

Elite: I imagine this increases the spawn rate of enchanted enemies.


Group 2 (minor I think):

Frozen: More enemies (including common ones) spawn with the ice/water enchantment, might have additional effects? It also seems to cause all water (the terrain thing) to spawn as ice, which is slippery.

Stormy: More enemies (including common ones) spawn with the electricity enchantment, might have additional effects? Also creates a wind every now and then that blows you in whatever direction it's going.

Burning. More enemies (including common ones) spawn with the fire enchantment, might have additional effects? It also seems to remove all water.


Floors can have multiple mods, perhaps one from each category?

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The improved ice/normal enchantments for enemies are nice, but they don't aim, making them easy to avoid. Maybe make them aim?

this is fun, just wish it wasn't so laggy for me. pretty cool though

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